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Sunday series: on hold, really?

weird: New York City Proposes Changes to Make It Easier for Transgender New Yorkers to Change Their Birth Certificates

always wondered about this…

New York City is one of 57 independent jurisdictions in the country that is responsible for birth registration. Since 1971, Article 207, section 207.05 of the Health Code has authorized the issuance of new birth certificates for transgender persons. This section of the Health Code has not been amended in 43 years. Currently, to change sex on a birth certificate, the following are required:

  • Court-ordered name change
  • Proof of convertive surgery, generally interpreted as genital surgery, with:
  • Surgical operative report; and
  • Post-operative exam by physician specifying change of sex was completed

although still a taboo & damnation in the Church.

Shana Tova

rants: a life without religion, what a wasteful life

as (pagan) music saved my soul: what I learned from Paganism & Pantheism

Is there anything really sacred? Depending on your religious beliefs, you can choose any of hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of answers. If there’s one thing that I’ve leaned from Paganism and Pantheism is that the earth is sacred as the source of food and shelter for humanity while we (“mutant monkeys”) destroy it. The Dutch neofolk band Omnia said it best in two of their songs — Earth Warrior and I Don’t Speak Human.

It’s almost as a hippie revival taking place in Europe where some of the best music’s coming from. In any case, regardless of religion (or lack of) and/or the music you hold dear, we (“mutant monkeys”) should try to keep the earth’s delicate ecosystem alive and healthy.

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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

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