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rants: so-called heroes & fallen heroes & being disowned (revisited)

Joannes Antonius Michaelis Boniffaccini BoleaOne of my cousins (daughter of a maternal first-cousin of my father) found me in Facebook. I normally wouldn’t respond since no one really cares about this black sheep outsider, but this was different. This was Tina — the one who would rescue me from boring (painfully dull) family events and introduced me to The Rolling Stones as well as Indian food and even her faith in Islam. She, her younger sister, my oldest sister and my only brother are about the same age. They were close growing up and still are fairly close nowadays. I accepted her as a friend and sent her a message, which she responded shocking me.


“Tina, it’s great to see you again. I see that you haven’t changed. I’m surprised that you asked me to ‘friend’ you. After all, I don’t have any relation with anyone in the Boniffaccini side of the family starting with my dad.”

my cousin:

“I love you. You’re my baby cousin. Who you have or don’t have contact with is irrelevant. I was so happy to find you!”

Not too many things touch my heart, but my cousin’s words should did.

Sunday series: 300 weeks going to church (preview)

5 years 9 months 1 week =
~5.769230769230769 years or
~69.23076923076924 months going to FAPC
(yet still clueless about the whole experience)

rants: UN: Vatican should pursue charges against pedophile priests (Question of the Week)

The following’s my response to a post at Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science website.

“I grew up Catholic, but I had learned to reject Catholicism for its corruption and strange secondary religious beliefs. Said this, I must clarify that I still consider myself a Christian (weird having an account in this site and supporting the Richard Dawkins Foundation).

The Catholic Church has corrupted religion and destroyed many lives (what a strange contradiction from its public doctrine). Someone should stand up to the Catholic Church and prosecute all the child-molesters in it. Do you what they do to child-rapists in prison? Those savages with their twisted code of honor will rape those child-molesters if not kill them. Unfortunately this will never happen as long as its clergy polices its own (corrupt clergy covering more corrupt clergy). Maybe this is when and where an antichrist should come, overthrow the political agenda that protects the Vatican and lynch every single one of those child-molesters.”

Note the latter’s my sole opinion and it’s not meant as a criticism or insult to Christianity.

rants: praying for $2.99 plus tax

PC(USA) finally came up with apps. The one that I’m concerned about is called Daily Prayer. It’s handy for those of us who can’t put one foot after another when it comes to faith. The app provides different reading material each day. Someone’s got lots of work to do. I don’t understand why it costs $2.99 at iTunes and Google Play (my phone and tablet), but it’s free from Amazon (my six-year-old’s Kindle). I don’t get why we should pay for a religious app even when someone’s working really hard writing the content every day or a batch for several days. It almost feels like once again others are turning my faith into a business although I know that developing an app takes lots of resources (money and time). By the way, you can read my on-line review.

“I have been waiting for PC(USA) to release an app for several years. The church finally did and it’s very useful. It offers a new prayer and reading material (Bible) to read though out the day. I already recommended the app to some of my friends at church (FAPC).
The following is a quick and open message to PC(USA). Why is the app not free for iOS and other Android devices?”

If anyone from PC(USA) reads this, please answer my question above.

In the other hand, Life Church (ECC) gives away the YouVersion Bible app — possible the best one in the market right now. It also offers a variety of services for free.

as (pagan) music saved my soul: analyzing Eluveitie

A little back ago, I wrote about Eluveitie. I don’t often over-analyze why I listen to the music I like. I just know I like it and want to listen to some song again and again. Anything else I can do without. Since I’m writing (typing) this entry, it’s a fair guess to say that it’s time over-analyze my interest in music — folk metal, in this case. The usual pop melody’s structured around lyrics over percussion (drums) and strings (one or two guitars and a bass — biggest exception being The Doors with an electric organ instead of a bass). The introduction of wind (brass or wood) fills a vast emptiness in the hearing spectrum. All this brings an enrichment to the music as well as exploiting musical modes and/or changing tempos.

born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

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