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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

selling my faith

I tried to coax three good friends of mine to go to a church of their liking. By no means, are they atheists, but they’ve refused so far.

1. One said that he’s a better Catholic that I am. Well I’m not sure if I’m really Catholic after all. So I guess he’s right, but that’s no excuse not to go to church.

2. Another one (also raised Catholic) said that she was upset that I’d mentioned that she was not in God’s grace. She said that my attitude was draws her away from church.

3. Yet the third one (probably raised Episcopal) never responded. At least, I under her since she lost her baby girl not even three weeks after been born. How could a person love someone (God) who takes away what/whom one holds most precious?

In few words, I’ve failed for the time being in my attempt to save the soul of each of my friends or at least his/her sanity.

One thing that religion does is bring an internal peace to an individual. If my friends don’t care about a God figure, at least religion can take the stresses of life in general.

What’s my reason? Of course, I’d appreciate the salvation of my tortured soul as a friend (#2 above) called it, but that not my immediate goal. I want that internal peace.

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