The Christian Noob (n00b)

born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

my sunday mornings

It’s weird going out every Sunday to church regardless of the weather. In the past, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere on a Sunday morning, much less if snowing or raining. Now I wouldn’t miss it.

Now that I don’t have a mobile phone with internet access (cutting down expenses), my commute is a little different, not too mention mundane. I can only write and save texts in my new phone (a BlackBerry 8320) while riding the bus or subway. Then to access this text, I need to mount the phone as a removable disk on another system and copy over the text (as I’m doing right now). Perhaps this last piece of information was a bit too technical (a bit too geeky).

Nonetheless I’d continue taking my early morning Sunday commute as mundane, dull or simply boring as it may be. In return, I enjoy my time at church studying and listening to the word of God (currently three hours). The drawback is being part of the church community (group of strangers) as I’m still learning how to act like most of these (sane) humans.

Without a doubt, my human interaction has always been limited and awkward due to my mental condition (for example, understanding when to thank someone out of proper social accepted customs rather than feeling it). The latter explanation doesn’t mean that I don’t have other deep human emotional interaction with others, in other words friends. Some of them have known me since I was a child and have accepted me as strange as I’ve always been. Many of my newer friends are as weird as I having gone through some of the same bad experiences as I’ve had.

Surprisingly enough, most of my christian friends are not church goers, just like I was. Does this last argument mean that I might be better than my friends? Of course, I’m not in any way. I’m merely looking for an excuse to bring them to FAPC or any other christian church.

As I mentioned before (, I see religion as a means of therapeutic relaxation for the mind and soul (inner peace). If a person can achieve grace and eternal salvation (heaven) through that inner peace, so be it.


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