The Christian Noob (n00b)

born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

about seven months later

So I haven’t written in so long. So what have I done in the meantime.

1. I finally got both my little boys baptized (

2. I’ve continued going to FAPC every Sunday, even the special services services during the week like the Outreach and the Blue Christmas services.

3. I’ve tried to keep myself busy in church either as an escape from my life, as service and/or to grow in faith. I’ve even helped during two of three Christmas candlelight services and volunteering (

4. I’ve even nominated myself for the position of member-at-large (volunteer to help whenever needed, without many or any administrative obligations). Depending how I like this, I might nominate myself once again for the same position or for deacon if daring.

Yet I still wonder if this whole behavior is a real act of faith or the biggest lie to my own self.

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