The Christian Noob (n00b)

born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

oh mercy oh god happy-pill!

Most of us have all felt that we don’t belong in the Kingdom of the Lord. We opt for different solutions to solve the pain that we have, that void in our lives and soul, that lack of soul. Sometimes we use illegal (street) drugs or prescription drugs (prescribed to us, not to someone else) to fill that void. We go to a psychiatrist who fills us with chemicals to regulate some other chemicals in our brains or somewhere else in our decaying bodies. At this point, we’ve only become carcasses searching for something — whatever that something is.

I can say “we” since I’ve taken medicine to fill my void and scare the demons in my head. For the past two years or so, that void has diminished, but not completely gone away. Of course, I might explain that I’ve been diagnosed with manic depression (BPD). I do need medicines to balance out the chemistry of my brain. There could be nothing worse than a depressed person with a broken brain and no God. I’m glad to be alive although sometimes I do get ideas of suicide. These are the times when I hold on to the love that I have for my children and the faith that God will make everything right. I’m a broken man, a sinner, a stupid man looking for peace and God.

Why am I writing this? Well those suicidal thoughts returned today. There’s no other reason.

* My metaphors merely express the pain that I’ve felt — the same pain others have felt.


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