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DC vs Marvel vs Image vs Dark Horse vs God

Comic books are an American institution — though adopted by many people around the world. Most (if not all) children like them and has at least one comic book hero.

On a personal note, my all-time favorite character is The Batman (DC; Others include The Hulk (Marvel;, Spawn (Image; and Hellboy (Dark Horse; In all, I like dark and troubled characters.

Spider-Man (Marvel) is my 9-year-old’s all-time favorite character. He likes Marvel super heroes rather than those from other publishers. Nonetheless my son and I watch The Batman and other super heroes cartoons/animation on TV.

Why am I writing an entry on comic books? Well in this godless society of ours, we still have religion or religious overtones in these stories. Although we (the readers) are never told what religion each character believes in. Nonetheless we can assume they represent some level of Judeo-Christian ( beliefs and principles since most of the creators of these characters followed or were brought either with Jewish or Christian values or beliefs.

For example, Crosses (representation of Christ) and staring at the sky (Heaven) in grief or pain are common in comic books. At the same time, more than one character has said “God” instead of “Gosh” (so politically correct and absurd). Some authors have even thrown in verses of Bible in their stories.

Comics were even used as propaganda during America’s darkest hours. In these editions of several comics, super heroes have emphasized old American values like this being God’s land or that this nation’s protected by God.

Of course, the idea that this (sole) nation’s protected by God might be a little too conceited. Yet the idea that this was and hopefully still is a Christian nation’s most predominant. This core value’s still promoted in comics either to sell these books or simply as for tradition.

Go to for lots and lots of information on this topic and to for a list of super heroes with their religious beliefs.

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