The Christian Noob (n00b)

born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

a dark and endless abyss

Sometimes faith fails on me. I know God exists, but I lose my faith. My beliefs seems to fade and my trust in God stays on hold. It might be a good thing that I can this flaw in me — as so I’ve been told.

After all I now know that many so-called Christians go through the same conflict at times. It’s a lack of faith, a valley, a depression, a dark and endless abyss ( Now I wonder how I’m to climb from this hole and praise the Lord.

“O Lord God, we confess before you today our human frailty and lack of faith.
We acknowledge that we have listened to the siren song of the world
and put our trust in temporal things, rather than in you.
In a vain effort to provide for our own needs self-sufficiently,
we have built the house of our lives on things which do not last,
while neglecting the things of eternity!
O Lord, forgive us. Cleanse us of out sin.
And help us this day to turn our eyes toward you,
and begin laying and building upon that firm foundation,
Who will anchor and see us through both this world and the next,
the One who is our rock and salvation, Christ Jesus our Lord.”
— Prayer of Confession, FAPC ( 07/25/2010

I now feel lonely with my troubles and heartache yet holding on to my faith of a better tomorrow. I still have to take care of my children especially my sick little boy. Lord, give me the strength to bear this pain.


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