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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

sky walking with God

One of favorite movie sagas growing up was Star Wars (New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back & Return of The Jedi). In these movies, there’s a close relation between what we understand as religion and The Force.

The concept that The Force is the combined force of all living creatures is similar to the belief in Krishna and Lectio Divina. In Star Wars, this same combined force has a dark (evil) side.

Darth Vader — my favorite character — is the representation of evil second only to the Emperor (what we could see as the devil). There’s no one-character representation of good, God or heaven. The aspect of good is represented by the Jedi Order (sort of guardian angels with light sabers), in which Luke Skywalker is the main figure. In such scenario, Yoda could be seen as a prophet, master (not a lord) or holy man.

The whole formula of good against evil is as old as earth itself. In Star Wars, the Old Republic (good) protects itself from the Empire (evil). In real life, God protects us from the devil (sin and evil).

In the end of the Star Wars, the Emperor is destroyed and Darth Vader repents from his wrongdoings. Continuing my analogy, God will defeat or has defeated the devil. At the same time, evil the worse of sinners can become good and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.


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