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gay marriage

This is one of topics that I’ve tried to avoid for a long while. Anyway, what’s marriage? (1) Marriage from a religious point of view is the UNION of a man and a woman before God. (2) From a legal stand point, marriage is a CIVIL CONTRACT between a man and a woman for purposes of rights, inheritance, protection of minors (children born or adopted within the marriage) and so on. Further more, what does the qualifier (adjective) gay mean? One definition is being happy, but in this case we refer to homosexuality. In other words, we refer to the UNION of two men or two women before God and the CIVIL CONTRACT between two men or two women.

Do I condemn homosexuality as a practice, feeling or attraction between to persons of the same sex? No, I don’t and can’t. Only God can condemn.

Do gays have the right to live freely and co-inhabit with whomever they want? Of course, they do. Everyone has the right to love and be loved.

Said all this, do I agree with gay marriage? No, I don’t. I especially disagree with their “right” of having or adopting a child. Maybe I’m too selfishly conservative to give gays the right to marry — to proclaim their unity before God and the civil contract. At the same time I have the perfect scapegoat — religion. I was brought up rejecting homosexuality. As much as I’ve tried to be open-minded, I still feel uncomfortable around gay men — the eternal idea and fear of molestation and sexual abuse of minors.

I have friends who support gay marriage and whose over all political ideologies are WRONG (different than mine). These friends will hate me for expressing myself so openly. Then again, politics and religion are two taboo topics — especially if mixed.

I know I should keep my mind off politics and concentrate in religion — hence the material that I’ve been writing on this blog. Nonetheless I find it disturbing that a openly-gay federal judge overturned Proposition 8 ( — the decision that about seven million voters in California made to ban gay marriage (08/04/2010). The very next day Elena Kagan — a person who has avoided the question about being gay — was confirmed as a new justice (05/05/2010). Now there are talks that this Proposition 8 might go to the supreme court. This means that gay marriage now depends on the decision of nice people (justices) who may over ride seven million voters at their selfish, stupid and biased discretion. If this new justice is gay, she might influence the decision.

It seems to be a personal and/or political agenda to force the nation to accept gay marriage.

It seems that this nation will once again go against its core values and accept another stupidity as a norm.

So it seems that the end of this Christian nation is only a matter of time.


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