The Christian Noob (n00b)

born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

the political circus & God

When I was growing up (70’s & 80’s), religion didn’t seem to be too important in politics. Nowadays it seems that it’s too important to be religious for a politician.

Atheists, Theists, and Agnostics, Oh My!

As of late, this has brought more questions of the religious beliefs of the man that America elected as a President. I don’t believe he’s Christian especially after canceling the National Day of Prayer (

Newsweek Poll: 24% Think Obama is a Muslim | Politics | Christianity Today.

I’m not going to deny the importance that religion has in my political views as an adult. I want to know why this Christian nation’s been destroyed by politicians and other individuals.

The GOP, Tea Party and other conservatives seem to be heterosexual men and women who call themselves believers (Abrahamic faiths). At the same time, democrats and liberals seem to be a mix of straight, gay, theists (believers), atheists, agnostics and those who commonly feel alienated especially foreigners (gullible virgins to the political propaganda machine).

Although these two political groups are like day and night, both groups tailor their political doctrine to different crowds and out of greed (power, money, sex, murder, war, etc) have corrupted and hurt this nation numerous times. In either case, being recognized as a theist (regardless of the corruption, sex or other scandals, lies, etc) has helped and made political careers.

From all the propaganda, lies and scandals, I’m a registered republican and have also supported the Tea Party and other conservative movements or agendas. Said the latter, I must point out that I’ve preferred conservatives for years even before coming back to the Church (late August 2008).

As a matter of fact, I’d vote for Sarah Palin if she decided to run for president in 2012 ( At the same time, the biggest ring leader of the political circus is Glenn Beck who complaints on a daily basis of what liberals are doing against this nation. Some (liberals especially) are even thinking the possibility of a Palin/Beck ticket — as a form of mockery. Then again, behind every joke there’s some truth and in this case possibly fear.


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