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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

more confused than usual: a minister, a pastor or what

I emphasize on the belief that we’re all ministers of faith and entitles me to propagate the Word of God. This means that I should teach others about God — especially my children.

The Universal Life Church MonasteryOf course, being a minister of faith doesn’t make me a pastor. Being a pastor demands a higher calling. Then we have a place like The Monastery ( that offers free ordination regardless of Christian denomination and/or religious affiliation. This has been an issue of deep confusion for me for a while now ( Does this mean we can all be pastors if we receive the proper calling or by simply wanting to be a pastor? At least, this website offers us an explanation what it means to be ordained ( and explains that taking such responsibility isn’t by any means a joke.

“All these aspects are included in your ordination. Only a Church or ordaining religious entity sets the requirements for ordination for that group. Requirements are different for different groups. A person may attend a ministry school for ten years and graduate knowing only the beliefs of that group. What good would that person be to an individual of a totally different belief system? This is one reason the Monastery accepts everyone just as they are. You know all you need to know to be of assistance to others in their time of need. Nothing special is required to be a caring individual, an individual who listens well and acts in the best interests of others. These are traits common to all belief systems for their ministers to have. A strong desire to act in those manners can be held by everyone.”

Considering all this, could I be a good pastor? Maybe I could, but would I be any good?

Anyway the articles in are very good to appreciate Christianity and religious faiths in general.


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