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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

9 years after: being upset

On 09/11/2002, I remember networks like Tech TV running no commercials the whole day. Tech TV ran tapes of personal accounts (ideas, pains, fears, etc) of the staff that day instead of advertising. It was a somber day of reflection and remembrance.

Nine years later (yesterday), the History Channel was practically the only network that had its programming completely dedicated to 9/11. Fox News had several hours of programming dedicated to 9/11 for about two hours and then a mix with the latest news.

Now don’t get me wrong. Channels like Disney must keep these horrors away from the minds of children. That’s the job of channels dedicated to the entertainment/education of children, but why did other channels had little to no programming about the horrors we lived in this city and across the nation? These other channels had their regular Saturday programming as it was a mere other Saturday. Broadcasting the services at Ground Zero (WTC), Pennsylvania and the Pentagon live weren’t enough.

Maybe we’ve gotten to comfortable with having a 16-acre hole in ground where the WTC once stood proudly. Maybe we’ve simply gotten bored of the constant political and religious bickering.

Speaking of religion, as much faith in God helped many regardless of the temple/church, religion has gotten on the way of healing. We shouldn’t fret or hate Muslims or anyone else from any other religion. We must understand some idiots with the wrong idea of God (groups like al-Qaida) did out of their twisted beliefs.

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