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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

how much, too much?

My friend Brenda (33) got married last night. She had been with over 120 men (failed relationships mostly, not sleeping around or so I think). That’s 18 years of being sexually active before meeting her husband, an average of 6.6667 partners per year. It’s awkward to know that she’s given herself to all these faceless and nameless men. Further more, I guess my friend’s husband doesn’t care or simply doesn’t know how many men she’s shared her bed with.

My friend Annie (28) has also “been around” — about 35 times. That’s an average of 2.9167 men a year including one-night-stands and even sex for drugs. Well now she’s engaged and hopefully she’ll be happy in her new life commitments and marriage.

My friend Rose (33) has also been around some 35 to 40 (maybe over 30 after moving in with her boyfriend and father of her daughter). That’s about 2.3529 men per year in long term “secondary” relationships or simply having sex with strangers.

Said all this, how many sex partners are too much? For women, the average in the US is 4 men in a life time. For men, it’s definitely different thanks to social double standards and such — 6 to 8 women (

How does it all affect our faith? After we’re taught to believe in the Laws of Moses (10 Commandments). Most Christians (myself included) tend to forget that we shouldn’t fornicate (no sex before or outside marriage).

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