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day from hell (or another day in hell)

day from hell (or another day in hell)

Some days every that could go wrong goes completely wrong. Today my system totally crapped out. Printer connections or perhaps their queues failed. Printer parts failed. Programs (including email) failed. Nothing responded properly making my work harder than usual as I had the President’s Office calling me on the phone every five minutes.

In all, it was a day from hell — painful, tiring and over all annoying. This makes me wonder if the belief that hell’s the world we live in rather than a after-death punishment could be true. Well today could easily prove this theory.

If earth was really hell, some sort of punishment or life-long test, this could be interpreted as a form of reincarnation. In this belief, a person would live on earth while correcting his/her mistakes from previous lives in order to achieve illumination or perfection. This would definitely mean that Krishna had it right all along.

By the way, because of this system failure, I prefer Linux (, which is more stable than the overrated operating systems in the market (no names, no law suit). Then again perhaps, I should have just redone everything on open standards (like OpenOffice; and get the job done. As for the technologies that don’t work, well they could all go to Silicon Heaven (


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