The Christian Noob (n00b)

born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

hacking the source code of faith

In a perfect world or rather in a perfect religion, the perfect faith should have the complete and correct understanding who God (whatever name) truly is. In my sole opinion, all religions have this concept partially right and fairly wrong.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam teach us that there’s only ONE GOD. At the same time, Christianity also teaches us that God has three persons or rather interpretations (Trinity) — not three gods in one.

Krishna (my favorite religion or set of beliefs to read about) teaches us that all creatures on earth have some specific purpose to comply with the will of the Godhead. It also gives us the belief of cleansing of the soul by correcting our previous mistakes (repentance, atonement of sins).

Pagan beliefs also tell us that God is in nature as an undeniable a part of nature. This is the same belief of Lectio Divina, in which all creation’s an extension of God.

What’d the perfect faith be like? It’d teach us (1) that there’s ONE GOD all around us, all knowing, all mighty, (2) that all of his creation or lack of in the cosmos is an extension of God and (3) that this creation works together for a greater good or purpose. We could even see creation as an object in the palm of God’s hand. Hence we’re one with God and in God.

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