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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

animals, better than men

Considering the fact that humans are also animals yet above other animals thanks to our intelligence, irrational animals are kinder and much more honest (hence better). Even the most vicious beast’s more sincere. It doesn’t pretend to like you. It just wants to eat you alive or simply kill you (no gimmicks, no lies).

We consider ourselves much better since we possess a better (or sole, depending whom you ask) capacity to think. This conscience defines what humans are in general giving us the capacity to have a spirit and/or soul. We’re just too selfish thinking that humans are the only creatures who’d inherit Heaven.

In Krishna, all living creatures fulfill an obligation — the will of the Godhead. Hence each creature depends on all others for a common purpose or divine plan. This belief makes much more sense than all the crap we hear everywhere else.

Well where am I going with all this? For many years, I’ve been kinder to irrational animals rather than to humans (rational animals). Perhaps this is why I compare those humans I love to monkeys, dogs or other faithful animals.

In part, my respect and love to animals is why I’m a vegetarian. The other part’s my health and unhealthy digestive system, which was the primary reason yet has become secondary.

By the way, my nine-year-old rode a horse for the first time yesterday. He enjoyed it. He also seemed to appreciate the service this animal offered him (calmness, freedom, being one with nature, etc).


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