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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

the on-line church: #tworship

Last night I found people praising God on Twitter with hash tag #tworship. This was fairly different from other religious experiences. I even asked what #tworship is to make sure that I didn’t misunderstand these group of people. These are my question and the response I received.

my question: Can anyone tell me what #tworship is (thanks)?

response: #jesustweeters

Some of these people used words like “brother” and “sister” when referring to another. Someone even said that he loved his on-line friends (perhaps real friends, yet doubtful). These words are rather hard for me to digest. I don’t call anyone “brother” or “sister” except for my brother, my two sisters, at times my best friend of 25 years and two other good friends of mine (one for 35 and another for 23 years) have called me “brother” at times.

Nonetheless, what makes a church after all? It’s supposed to be a building of worship and most importantly a group of people worshiping God. Understanding this concept, could an on-line service used as a forum be a church? Nowadays I guess so (

Maybe on-line real-time worshiping could be the same as mass on TV was when I was growing up — although one-directional. It tried to give the church experience on a two-dimensional boring format through a cheap TV broadcast. Of course, this might have been the only way some people could have “attended” church — especially the sick, the handicapped or simply the home-bound.

In the other hand, watching The 700 Club ( was a different feeling when I was a kid. It was praising and worshiping while shown facts and stories followed by prayer. This was and still is what I now understand as a ministry.

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