The Christian Noob (n00b)

born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning


A dear friend of mine was nicknamed Wabbit from the Bugs Bunny cartoons while we worked at a broker firm about a decade ago. Since then its assets were sold and we were laid off (2001).

My friend Wabbit and I continue being good friends. She actually is the only friend whom I’ve got from that period of my life — working at that company as a junior local area network (LAN) administrator.

Since we were laid off (a short ten-year span), she had to boys, separated, got married and had a beautiful baby girl. By the way, I always though she’d never get married or rather commit herself to a life-long relationship.

Now why am I mentioning my friend? Aside from being good friends in the good and bad times, she once mentioned that she was an ATHEIST although born and raised in a Roman Catholic family and traditions. She even told me not to ever talk to her about religion or faith. Nonetheless I made slight references regarding this forbidden topic once in a while. She had lots of patience with me.

About two weeks ago, she sent me a message saying that she had been thinking of me (oh boy, the horror). She told me then she had been looking at the PARISH to have her little girl BAPTIZED (great news). It seems that in the end, she had found her once-lost faith and I’m proud of her — well after all her husband is an Irish Catholic.

Maybe I really had something to do with her change of heart. Then again she might have said this only to give me some credit and/or make me feel good about myself. Either way I’m proud my friend has seen the Light even if it were a clouded Light in her horizon.

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