The Christian Noob (n00b)

born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning


It’s become difficult to cultivate Christianity in my two younger children. I can’t take them to church like other parents take their kids. I tried once. They got restless and even confused especially standing up and sitting down several during the service. My boys thought we were leaving when I stood up at the beginning of worship.

Why can’t I take my children to church with me and have them by my side during worship? My nine-year-old with his medical condition was uncomfortable and actually had to eat during the service. I feel like I’m torturing them putting them in a situation that they’re not familiar with.

Meanwhile some of the few people (friends and acquaintances) who know about my nine-year-old’s health have shown some level of respect or consideration that I’ve gone to church every Sunday for over two straight years. Some even see this as a way to “save” their souls.

A pastor even called me this past Friday to check on me. She asked me about my nine-year-old’s health. It was strange for me to get that call. After all she’s practically a stranger and yet she’s worried about my sick child. She even mentioned that she admired me for taking care of my sick little boy. After all, it’s my obligation to care for him and I gladly do it.


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