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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

modern medicine, what a sham

What can we do when modern medicine’s limited, archaic and simply wrong? Most of the doctors (99%) I’ve met don’t or refuse to understand what some diseases really are. These men and women of science have all their faith drugs and whatever some authority has written in stone.

Medicine actually is the comparison of individuals to determine what’s correct/healthy (higher population, normal) and what’s not (lower population, abnormal). Medicine fails to see that some individuals are simply structured differently. For example, in ADD a person may hold two separate thoughts at the same time while “normal” persons are limited to one at any given time. It’d be a no-brainer to think that the person who can process two different thoughts at the same time was born with a gift, but medicine and society say otherwise and rather drug the individual to restrain his/her extra mental capacity.

Now what happens to that other 1% of the medical community — those who can see beyond some old book and erroneous science? The federal government even has had the audacity to limit doctors to whatever the government consider “healthy” and correct body function. If a doctor refuses to follow government established regulations, the doctor could be punished. This means that these “not mainstream” doctors are marginalized and even ridiculed. Some of these doctors can’t even be paid by health insurance companies. Hence they only accept cash.

Said all this, the doctor who sees my nine-year-old is one of these doctors outside mainstream medicine. She helped my son much more in a month than the twenty or more mainstream doctors who had seen my son for some seven years of his life.

Well at the end of the day (or rather early morning), I continue taking medication to live one day at a time.


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