The Christian Noob (n00b)

born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

as music saved my soul: suicide

I always say that music did save me from committing suicide when I was a teenager. The same music that many would say drive some idiots to commit suicide is the music that helped me survive. The common factor for those willing to die today and those willing to live another day (myself included) is the opportunity to escape from our sickening lives. In my case, escaping was telling everyone including my friends to FUCK OFF. Many people I knew then wanted me gone (dead) and I decided not to give them that satisfaction. That same anger that could drive someone to pull a trigger to put a bullet in his/her head is the anger that kept me alive. At the same time, the wicked humor in those songs changed the way I behave hence allowing me to mock myself and not tale me too seriously.

By the way, God might have used music to save my worthless soul.

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