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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

small church, part-time pastor

Living in NYC, I’ve noticed that pastors of small churches (both small building and congregation) have a “common” day job to cover their day-to-day expenses — instead of getting some sort of stipend from the church income (donations). Considering this fact, these small church pastors lead their flocks on a part-time basis regardless of their best intentions. In all, being a pastor in a small church is a true labor of love.

This is similar to on-line ministers or lay-persons involved in ministries in a larger church (commonly referred to as church leaders, not pastors, yet ministers of faith). I’m fortunate to know some of these ministers like my friend Henny who leads several small groups and is actually considering to become a seminarian (NY), my on-line friend Renee who works with young adults (CA) and even my cousin Marco who helps other members of the church where he goes to (NJ).

Maybe this is where I could come in as an ordained minister (ULC; Then again I might just be looking for an excuse for getting ordained on-line as a minister (pastor) two months ago. As a matter of fact, I still don’t know how I can use this obligation I adopted.


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