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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

Sherlock (Holmes)

I’ve been watching Sherlock ( on channel 13 ( I actually knew about the program before being aired in the US and I was looking for it on DVD or any other medium. I’m trilled that it’s now aired in the US — without commercials no less, just like in the BBC One (UK;

The show’s got that sort of witty, silly, cerebral, dark and wicked humor that I enjoy from directors like Guy Richie (Locked, Stocked and Two Smoking Barrels,; Snatch,; RocknRolla,, etc). Further more, the new Sherlock Holmes serial’s from the same group of producers and writers as the new Doctor Who serial (2005-present; &

I can partially identify with the main character who gets easily bored due to his high intellect and hence risks his life solving crimes. In my case at least, I’m no hero, but I tend to do stupid things when I’m bored that at times have put my life and/or health at risk. Maybe this is why I enjoy British crime dramas like Wire in the Blood (, &

Nonetheless is this serial appropriate for me as a Christian? I believe so.


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