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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

hell & demons, heaven & angels

Does believing in hell, demons or the devil mean that we believe in Heaven, angels and therefore God?

Maybe this isn’t quite a question that many want to touch. Some believe in a Godhead, but not in hell. Some believe in evil (hell, demons, etc), but not in a god — at least the God we know. These are six different elements that I just threw in a single question. Maybe the best alternative would be breaking my original question in six separate parts. Do you believe in (1) hell, (2) demons, (3) the devil, (4) Heaven, (5) angels and/or (6) God? You’re welcome to share your answers sending them me via my Twitter account (@ChristianNoob).

Going back to my original question, there are groups of Christians who believe in all these six elements. These Christians (mostly Catholics) believe in eternal damnation (the devil, demons and hell) as a punishment if God doesn’t find us clean from sin. At the same time, if God does find us clean from sin (in grace), we’d be welcomed in Heaven where God resides with the angels and saints.

So if you’re a Christian, you most likely believe in and/or follow the Christ (Jesus), but what else do you believe in? If you need help answering, read the following article.

Many Americans Mix Multiple Faiths


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