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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

the reformed confession

The following remains as my favorite quote of all time by Nietzsche and philosophy as a whole.

“The Christian is simply a Jew of the ‘reformed’ confession.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

Without a doubt, Christianity came from Judaism. Hence I like reading this quote to remind myself of what many people don’t know, ignore and/or care not to remember.

Free Study Bible: New Testament Recovery Version, distributed by Bibles for AmericaSaid the latter, I still find somewhat insulting when a see a Bible without the Old Testament. After all, where are the prophecies and the lineage of Jesus in a Bible with only the Gospels, the letters to the different churches at the time and the Book of Revelation? Now, considering the fact that I recently received a copy of the New Testament Recovery Version distributed by Bibles for America (BfA), which I’ve decided to promote, I do find this version of the Bible incomplete. Nonetheless I do understand that it’s a gift and I shouldn’t be so ungrateful as to criticize it. As such, the life of God incarnate (the Gospels) can be sent to anyone who requests this version of the Bible. For those of us who do need the Old Testament, BfA does offer the complete Bible, which costs $52 (sorry, no freebie).

Putting my appreciation of BfA aside, we must remember our roots in Judaism that tell us who we ought to be as people of God. At the same time, in the Gospels, the Christ (God incarnate) taught us how to behave as children of God.

Since I mentioned the term “God incarnate” twice in this post, my belief in the Holy Trinity is as follows.

  1. God (the father) is everywhere — in Heaven, on earth, in the cosmos and in us.
  2. The Christ (the Messiah, the son) was and is God in human form on earth — once again, God on earth.
  3. The Holy Spirit was and is God living inside us — once again, God everywhere.

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