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‘The Book That Made Your World’ by Vishal Mangalwadi (book review)

The Book That Made Your World

Needless to say (type), material written by believers of a certain faith (insiders; in my case, Christians) worshiping and praying to a Godhead of choice (God) can be interesting enough to consider buying and owning. Fortunately enough, The Book That Made Your World (ISBN 9781595553225, 2011) by Vishal Mangalwadi isn’t the case.

This is some of the best material I’ve ever read on philosophy and religion since The Antichrist by Nietzsche. I’m not just saying this because I got the book for free. It could simply be the best religious book written by an outsider in the past century or so.

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung believed in the existence of self, but their followers now recognize that their faith in ‘self’ was a residual effect of the West’s Christian past — Jung’s father, for example, was a clergyman.
Jung’s truly secular followers, such as James Hillman, are recasting the essence of his theory. An increasing number of thinking people are recognizing that theoretically it is impossible to practice psychology without theology.”
— Vishal Mangalwadi

This book also has opinions of other intellectuals regarding Mangalwadi’s work making the book a collection of philosophies — as affected by the Bible and/or Christianity in the western world.

“The Bible brought its view of God, the universe, and mankind into all the leading Western languages and thus into the intellectual process of Western man… Since the invention of printing, the Bible has become more than the translation of an ancient Oriental literature. It has not seemed a foreign book, and it has been the most available, familiar, and dependable source and arbiter of intellectual, moral, and spiritual ideals in the West.”
— H. Grady Davis

If you’re wondering why emphasize on the whole deal of the outsider looking in. Well an outsider may see details in a belief system (idiosyncrasy, rituals, etc) that we take for granted or have simply become part of our Christian psyche (hence ignoring and/or refusing to question, worse yet answering why we do them in the first place).


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