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“Peace Be With You” by David Carlson (book review)

Peace Be with YouIn “Peace Be With You” (ISBN 9780849947186, 2011) author David Carlson gives his opinion on how 9/11 has corrupted our view on Islam. I agree with most of his opinion.

“There had been a religious response to 9/11 from the Christian community, but that response reduced rather than strengthened hope. Instead of encouraging their churches to pursue a much-needed study of Islam, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing religions, some prominent conservative Christian voices were exploiting 9/11, using that tragedy as an opportunity to spread fear and disinformation about Islam.”

Nonetheless I got tired fairly quickly of reading it. The author just rambled on and on about his opinion on the topic. As much as he gave historical information, like the death of Bin Laden, the book centers around the author’s sole opinion. The strongest point in the book is the author’s request to pray and not forget that God hasn’t forsaken us. Maybe I could’ve been interested in reading this book if I were a student of his at Franklin College where he teaches Philosophy and Religion. Then again, I might not have had the patience for such material.


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