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“Be the People” by Carol Swain (book review)

Be the People“Be the People” (2011, ISBN 9780849948282) by Carol M. Swain is a collection of news stories (for a lack of a better term) that didn’t quite make the mainstream news in the US regarding the little-known disturbing horrors of the current administration.

First let me start with a quote that the author included at the beginning of her book.

“We are often told that we live in secular, even postmodern times. The old pieties, not only about God or morality but even about truth itself, no longer command our unqualified allegiance. We are too sophisticated to believe in absolute right or wrong or to make confident moral judgments. We are too worldly to submit to the genius of tradition. We are too enamored with our rights to take our bearings from what we once thought to be our duties. With science and technology pointing the way, the race for health, pleasure, and prosperity is rapidly becoming the only successful game in town. Such, at least, is the conventional wisdom about life in the modern world.”
— Leon R. Kass, The Beginning of Wisdom

Second let me say that the book isn’t conspiracy theorist propaganda, but rather harsh criticism of the government. To my surprise, she was harsher than most male writers on this topic whom I’ve read.

Some of this material could probably be more in the area of Slashdot, rather than newspapers and public knowledge — for example, the federal government spying on each one of us as well as our friends and families.

“Furthermore, the Department of Homeland Security now monitors social networking and news sites, blogs, and search engines. Twitter, Facebook, the Drudge Report, the Huffington Post, Google, and the Blotter rank among its targets.”

This means that some idiot behind a desk in a bunker somewhere working for the federal government might be reading this book review. This is too much like Orwell’s 1984 — a book heavily referenced by Swain — that it’s sickening. The government should be intelligence, not a mysterious and spying oppressor. After all, we all once lived in peace and happiness with the unknown-to-many Carnivore project was active (late 1990’s to a little after 9/11).

“In January 2010, the Washington Post reported that President Obama had signed off on documents that would allow the Central Intelligence Agency and the Joint Special Operations Command to assassinate US citizens living abroad if the agencies suspect an al Qaeda connection or a potential threat to other Americans. This action allows assassinations of Americans, even if they are not involved in combat situations. Assassinating an American citizen without a trial seemingly violates the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and the long-held understanding of how the rule of law operates in a democratic republic.”

From all the nonsense, the government’s been caught with its pants down, killing American citizens abroad at the mere discretion of an officer holding a gun might be the most stupid.

I’ll stop here. I’m disgusted by the totalitarian government sham we currently live in. It’s no surprise searching for the anti-christ comes up with some interesting pictures of pseudo-Americans.

I didn’t know I’d be so shocked and disgusted by the information in this book. In conclusion, if you’ve got balls, read this book. Pardon the expression if you may.

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