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Obamacare & Nazi Germany

I posted a quick response to a question by Stryper Music in Facebook.

StryperBand FBStryper Music
“Are you happy with the state of our country? Have we been led wisely? Simple questions, simple answers…… Sound off! ”


TheChristianNoob FBFrank Olvera
“I like the question, not the way the country is led. The US is becoming socialist where the government has the right to decide for us. Just take a look at this interview in the 700 Club.

What America Would Look Like under Obamacare

The federal government wants to chose who lives and who dies. Doctors will lose their power to help and cure others. They would simply become puppets — not to mention health care insurance or whatever new term will be used. If you’re terminally ill, you’re allowed to commit suicide. If a child is born sick, within 5 weeks he/she can be put to sleep (the same expression used for stray dogs and cats). Is it okay to kill a new-born if he/she is sick — for example, with autism? Last time I checked, this was not Nazi Germany.

It’s disgusting where we’re headed. This country was founded by people of God (Christians mainly) and many people don’t like GOD and would rather omit Him from our society. These are the same people who want to play the role of god and rule us as if this were under Stalin. If we continue this way, Cuba will be heaven compared to us.

What happened to the Christian values of this nation? I guess the 1% of non-believers control 99% of believers (Christians, Jews, Muslims and whatever other religious group). It’s not a faith against faith fight. It’s the godless against faith and we seem to be losing.”

Maybe I got a bit carried away painting “an ominous picture of life under Obamacare, especially for the elderly and those with life-threatening illnesses.” The editor of the on-line magazine I was writing for said,

“Frank I’m having a hard time understanding what you are trying to accomplish with this post. As it stands now, it seems incoherent and rambling. Please revise and resubmit.” (08/31/2012 at 9:58pm)

My response, in order to keep my integrity, was to remove the post.

“Perhaps this post is too political showing off my opposition to Obama‘s Socialism — almost Nazism. Perhaps. I’ll just replace it with a milder/historical post.” (09/04/2012 at 4:55am)

I truly see the eminent destruction of the American society in the hands of glorified godlike incompetents — as in the quote below from the same CBN link.

“The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, best known as Obamacare, has been controversial since it was drafted in 2009 and signed into law a year later.
It gives the government control over one-sixth of the U.S. economy and is more than 2,700 pages long.”


2 responses to “Obamacare & Nazi Germany

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