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interview with a pagan priestess

I’m curious about other faiths and the relation and ties between them — especially earth religions. As a disclaimer, I must say that I respect all religions — except for Darwinism that simply makes no sense (sorry Julian). Said the latter, the following is my conversation (interview) with Wiccan Priestess Kittie M, whom I thank for sharing her knowledge and faith with me.


Kittie, in your your bio, you say you’re a Celtic Pagan. I’m curious to know more about this (no disrespect). Can you explain what you believe and such?


I believe in equality from every aspect and freedom of choice first and foremost. Everything deserves care. I have a high respect for life. I do believe in multiple Deities and that mother earth should be protected. I give back to the earth as she has given to me, and yes, I do believe in witchcraft however with that said I also believe that it is a power beyond our understanding and comprehension that should always be approached with the best of care and not tampered with foolishly and/or carelessly.


This form of Paganism was adopted [by] Christianity as several of the practices in Lectio Divina. For example, Christians would hold services in the open, barefoot, see nature as an extension of God and such. Of course, caring for earth (Mother Earth, as also referred to) is important regardless of religion. In the Christian Church, we’re asked to care for the earth entrusted to us.
By the way, I do believe in magic (always seen as black magic, evil) and I’ve seen how it can be used against people. The Church calls it demonic practice and a smart priest once told me to simply not practice it.
Am I curious? I’m a geek. Of course, I am! Said this, I understand and respect the Pagan stand on witchcraft — good magic and bad (black) magic. My ignorance doesn’t make me reject this “strange concept” but rather curious.


I think it is a good thing that a lack of full understanding has not made you biased against the faith. It has in a lot of cases, and more often than not people of the Pagan faith are shunned and cast aside. One thing that most people just don’t want to acknowledge is that the witch hunts are still very much in affect today, just in a different form. But regardless of what people know or want to believe it is only human nature to cast out that which is misunderstood. I do not think of the magick (proper spelling for the wiccan context) as a form of light and dark or white and black. There are some very evil ways to use it against people, yes. But if manipulated just right all of it could be called, and often is, demonic practices. This takes you back yet again to human nature and wanting to cast out that which is not comprehended. It is always much easier to just turn away rather than trying to understand. I am proud of you for that. (I myself enjoy learning about other faiths as well) but the Magick use depending on the context used can be used for good or bad. Selfish or selfless. It all depends on the user, and believe me. I will be the first to admit that some people should just not dabble in what they refuse to learn first.


You’ve got it right. We’re all afraid of the unknown. It’s the “better safe than sorry” attitude or a means of self defense building walls around us. Worse yet, it can be concept of The Other from Levinasto destroy or kill anyone not like us. So school me, please. What does it mean to be Wiccan? My understanding is limited to Wikipedia and (perhaps not the proper way to learn)? How did you become a priestess? As a priestess, what do you do?


There is no short or easy way to describe Wicca, however I will strongly advise against using wikipedia since any member can re write and change any description to fit their own understanding. To start though, I am Pagan, and with that being said I also follow the Wiccan belief system to a degree. All pagans are Wiccan but not all Wiccans are pagan. Look at it from a Christianity stand point. Christianity is the whole base of the religion just like Wicca for me. and Paganism is a denomination there in.

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2 responses to “interview with a pagan priestess

  1. Neferet 10/14/2012 at 06:11:28

    It’s so awesome that you conducted this interview, 🙂 I think religion is fascinating, and I enjoy learning about paths other than my own. You clearly went into this respectfully, and it turned out interesting. 😉 Great job!

    • Frank "The Christian Noob" Olvera 10/14/2012 at 09:11:34

      More than respect, it’s curiosity. Of course, the conversation (interview and chance to learn) will last as long as Priestess Kittie M wants to talk about (teach me) Wicca — one of many branches of paganism that’s sparked my curiosity for a long time. Most importantly, she’s been a great teacher and a good friend.

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