The Christian Noob (n00b)

born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

what if this? what if that?

In some of my posts, I’ve considered stepping out of my Christian comfort-zone, in other words, away from my understanding of faith systems (religions). So here are some of my many silly questions.

If I weren’t Christian (whatever denomination), what religion would I practice?

  1. Judaism would allow me to worship the Judeo-Christian God — Yahweh (YHWH). The problem is that I don’t know much (if any) about Rabbinical Laws, Talmud and other rules. Did I mention I don’t want to be circumcised?
  2. Krishna (Hinduism) emphasizes on the Godhead. I like the relation of all Creation complying with some harmonious function to accomplish the will of God. What I like the most is the vegetarian food.
  3. Wicca (Neopaganism) has always been interesting to me since my part of my family was heavily involved in metaphysics (mind over matter). I like the whole idea of God being in nature and nature being an extension of God. Needless to say (type), I wouldn’t be a good Pagan since I still don’t understand pagan rock — other than Korpiklaani.
  4. Then again, coming of from a scientific background, perhaps I could take science as religion within itself, but my Christian upbringing goes against such notion. I refuse the possibility that science could prove that God doesn’t exist.

If I were to move to another city, where’d I go?

  1. Nashville, TN, looks promising. It’s the home of Gibson Guitars, Grand Ole Opry and country music, close to Graceland and Sun Studios (Memphis) and even Jack Daniels (Lynchburg).
  2. Bayonne, NJ, is cheap. It could be a good place to save money.
  3. Olvera, Spain, seems interesting. I never knew there was city with my surname. To my surprise, this area had been populated and controlled by the Celts, Visigoths, Romans (before 300 BC), Moors (Muslims, c. 1327) and French (c. 1812). Perhaps this is where my family name originated after dropping the letter “i” from the original name — Olivera derived from “olivos” (olive trees).
  4. Giovanni Bonifaccini BoleaVeneto, Italy would be good idea to visit where my great-grandfather could’ve been born (picture on the right).
  5. London, UK, has always caught my attention. Maybe I’ve watched too much British TV — especially every incarnation of Doctor Who and Red Dwarf.
  6. Another planet would be cool, but our primitive technology isn’t there yet.

If I weren’t a systems programmer, what’d I do?

  1. I’d always wanted to be a full-time writer sitting by a window, watching the rain on a beautiful autumn day, while sipping on a cup of coffee.
  2. I also wanted to be a cartoonist, but I hadn’t yet developed a character that I could make money of.
  3. My long-time dream was to be in a band, perhaps as the bassist, but I’ve got a family to support and I can’t be on the road somewhere. At least, I know how to tune guitars, basses and even drums by ear.
  4. To be close to my broken dream of playing in a rock band (#3), I studied to be an audio engineer and producer, but the music industry’s changed so much making this art almost obsolete. That’s several thousands of tuition money to the garbage (sort of speak) and big debt. At least, I learned music/art law and electronics.
  5. I tried to be an actor and even went to auditions, but I was pathetic. I’ll stick to writing.
  6. I’d also wanted to be an inventor. I’ve got many ideas to patent and try to make a buck of. At least, I know how to repair minor electronics especially electric guitars.
  7. The idea of being a minister/preacher is also something that’s come to my mind several times. For now, I continue going to a Presbyterian church where I help every Sunday running the sound console (#4). At least, I was ordained by ULC over two years ago.

I don’t think my children would be happy with any decision I make.


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