The Christian Noob (n00b)

born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning


As believers that there’s a Godhead with any of many human names (Jehovah in Judaism & Christianity, Allah in Islam, etc), death is part of life. The complete life process ( includes dying (leaving the physical and disposable body) and continuing in the spiritual world (heaven, purgatory, etc) including the possibility of becoming a mere soul (ghost) roaming the earth.

The necessity of the life after death belief satisfies the fear of not being eternal rather than the need of prolongation of the species. This is another reason for many to leave something behind other than children to continue the family line as well as writing books. In my case, this includes (yet not limited to) my stories, poetry, blog, other websites, essays and other knowledge. Said all this, am I ready to die?

Before having children (age 20), I’d have said yes, without giving it a second though. Mental disease takes a huge toll on anyone and I was no exception. I wanted to die, suffer a painful and prolonged death (gruesome details available on request). My personal destruction — not merely death — was often close at hand. I drank heavily every weekend from Christmas 1986 (15) to 1990 (19) — being the poster-boy for underage drinking. Till now, many consider me an alcoholic — maybe like father, like son.

Nowadays I don’t think so. I’ve got three boys to care for and see that they don’t make the mistakes I’ve done. Besides, I don’t yet know why God put me on earth. What’s the point of cheating death multiple times?

At least, I know that it wasn’t to have a loud-mouth complaining all the time and seeing the world from a skeptically dry point of view criticizing humanity. Maybe it was to start a ministry and keep it — not as I did. Maybe it’s to advocate for mental disability. At 41, I still don’t know.

So after all my gibberish, ARE YOU READY TO DIE?


For those who are curious about the title of this post, let me briefly explain. As a supporter open source, I couldn’t resist typing the name of this entry as some sort of Unix binary (executable, in DOS or NT lingo). In other words, this binary (program, application, etc) would carry the life (LIF) to death (DETH) process, perhaps a daemon (service, in NT lingo). To expand the joke, the name LIF2DETH.BIN follows the DOS 8.3 naming convention — eight-character-long file name (LIF2DETH) and three-character-long file type preceded by a dot (.BIN). In Unix, the file could’ve easily been LIFE2DEATH.BIN as there are no length limitations. Well in a VM mainframe, it’d have been LIF2DETH BIN similar to DOS, but without the dot. Computers are surely fun!


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