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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

life after sex: Ron Jeremy

Continuing with my life after sex series, I found something very curious from the most unlikely person. Keep an open mind as you read the following.

“Nice Jewish boy” Ron Jeremy (acted in 2098 & produced 281 porn movies, as per IAFD) says,

“A lot of porn stars believe in God. The majority do. I don’t think it’s a problem having my kind of lifestyle as long as you’re honest. We’re not robots. We don’t just play ‘hide the bacon’ and then go home and believe in atheism.”
Ron Jeremy Goes To Church, Tells Michigan Worshippers That Porn Stars Believe In God, Too

Jeremy seems to have found a new purpose in life as guest at XXXChurch as well as with Daybreak Church, which help men and women to break from addiction to pornography and other sex trades (including human trafficking, in some ways similar to Mercy Ministries).

It’s weird that one of the most recognized porn stars is helping anti-porn ministries. Perhaps he’s seen the Light!

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