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the stench of American Communism: following the example of Russia

Holy Trinity Pentecostal Church, The Christian MessengerIt smells like we’re following the example of Russia, the demolition of the Holy Trinity Pentecostal Church in the outskirts of Moscow by the state and arrest of its pastor (09/06/2012).

Church Demolished: Russia’s Fading Religious Freedom
“MOSCOW — A recent nighttime raid and destruction of an evangelical church outside Moscow raised concerns that religious freedom is fading in Russia.
That’s because police simply watched as dozens of men with heavy machinery demolished the Holy Trinity Pentecostal congregation.
Some fear its part of a threatening pattern against Russia’s evangelical Christians.”

It feels that sooner or later our own churches, synagogues, mosques or other temples will start being destroyed by those whom we’ve put in power.

Could this be the real beginning of the end of times?

Are we next to lose our right to chose what faith system we want to be part of?

Are we going to be told

  1. not to practice any religion (no Christianity, no Judaism, no Islam, none whatsoever)
  2. or be forced to follow a specific religion?

“Gui vian falsan senton de realeco. Vi iras al fek!”


8 responses to “the stench of American Communism: following the example of Russia

  1. NotAScientist 11/12/2012 at 13:35:25

    “It smells like we’re following the example of Russia”

    Really? When was the last time the American government destroyed a church?

    • Frank "The Christian Noob" Olvera 11/12/2012 at 14:27:21

      I clearly wrote that we seem to be going in the same direction where the Russian government seems to be going.

      Russian Mission Group Warns Of Crackdown On Evangelicals; Anti-Putin Protesters Gather
      As anti-Kremlin protesters demanding more freedom and fair elections prepared to demonstrate in freezing temperatures Saturday, February 4, a major Russian mission group warned of more difficulties for evangelical Christians and other, religious, minorities in Russia and other former Soviet Union nations.
      “Even as demonstrations increase, protesters’ hold on religion and civil liberties appears to be slipping in the North Caucasus and Central Asia,” explained Russian Ministries in a statement to BosNewsLife.
      “The situation in Russia has been building over the last several years, and is as much about religious liberty as it is about political freedom,” the group added.

      The federal, state and local governments have at different times being against religion.

      Dolan: Obama says he’s not anti-religious, but he’s getting harder to believe
      ‘Does the federal government have the right to tell a religious individual or a religious entity how to define yourself?’ [Cardinal Timothy Dolan] asked. ‘This is what gives us greater chill.’

      Even foreign news agencies see this.

      Obama’s Anti-Religious Implosion
      “From the moment he falsely claimed, Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation, many have screamed from the rooftops that, despite his incongruous claims to be a Christ follower, Barack Obama, in reality, harbors tremendous animus toward all things Christian.
      It’s not surprising, then, that — even prior to his latest act of anti-religious authoritarianism — a Pew Research Center survey had determined that, under Obama’s leadership, ‘the number of [religious] voters who identify as a Democrat has declined, while the number saying they lean toward the GOP has risen.'”

      • NotAScientist 11/12/2012 at 14:37:46

        I know what you clearly wrote.

        Until such time as the government makes physical or violent moves against any church or religion, your ‘seems’ is ridiculous.

      • Frank "The Christian Noob" Olvera 11/12/2012 at 15:22:37

        fair enough, you’re entitled to your opinion…

  2. danielwalldammit 11/12/2012 at 14:46:23

    Lovely narrative. Not much to support it, but I somehow doubt you care about that much.

    • Frank "The Christian Noob" Olvera 11/12/2012 at 15:16:00

      What would you say either in favor or against it?
      Do you see the US losing its democracy and freedom?

  3. Frank "The Christian Noob" Olvera 11/13/2012 at 08:11:15

    In response to the negative responses that this post’s gotten so far and any future angrily defensive comments, are you upset that I criticize and practically compare the mighty and anti-religion messiah called Barack Hussein Obama to Putin? As an American citizen, I can fly the banner half-mast. This nation and the rest of the free world are under distress. By the way, it doesn’t take Nostradamus to see what I mean and the dire situation we’re heading to — more wars, more pain, other plagues.

    • NotAScientist 11/13/2012 at 09:03:19

      ” By the way, it doesn’t take Nostradamus to see what I mean and the dire situation we’re heading to”

      Actually, it would take Nostradamus, as his ‘predictions’ are all silly and wrong.

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