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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

interview with a hedgewitch high priestess, part 2

This is part two of my conversation with Hedgewitch, High Priestess of Cross Roads Coven and Two Rivers Grove, Sherri M Madden.


I’m not sure if it’s good or bad, but most people talk (pray) to God, but they don’t get an audible answer.
So if you believe in God, why would you call yourself “a Hedgewitch” and not a Christian? I’m confused. 🙂


When you are a small child you believe in many things, the Easter Bunny, Santa, to name a couple…not that I am saying they are not true.. after all the Easter bunny would be the Goddess O’Stara’s Hare and… well any ways… Children believe a lot of things… whatever their sociological upbringing leads them to believe.
As far as believing in God.. what makes you think I don’t believe in God or that Wiccans, or anyone but Christians don’t believe in God?
I am a Hedgewitch and might use another word, it does not mean that word does not have the same meaning as the word GOD. For me personally it is the Divine. However, ask others and it could be The Universal Consciousness, the Greater Soul, The Lord and Lady, The God and Goddess, all names for the same thing.


I didn’t say that you didn’t believe in God. I asked that, since you were brought up in the Christian church and seem to believe in God (the same Godhead idea of the Judeo-Christian tradition), why wouldn’t you call yourself a Christian?


I don’t believe that Christ was God’s son on earth. He is only one of many Holy men and women on earth I could list many. I believe the Divine is within every one. I feel my own special connection with the Divine is in Nature.

If you’ve enjoyed my conversations with Wiccans and Pagans, come back soon. Right now, I’m learning a lot thanks to my new friend Amadahy, who’s been kind enough to explain what Wicca and Paganism are and her interest in Catholicism.


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