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finders, keepers… nice acoustic, Bose Enterprise Perclymi Tropical

Signature model 265It seems like I’m not the only with this mystery guitar.

“This is a vintage thin body MB Signature (?) acoustic guitar with cutaway.
This is a very rare & cool vintage thin acoustic guitar with a very fast electric type neck. Greenburst finish on a super lightweight body that looks to be made of spruce, a fast 22 fret bolt-on electric guitar neck (feels like a neck from electrics from the late 70s — Ibanez, Aria, Gibson, etc.). 3 on a side individual machine heads with cool looking round buttons, an Ovation looking headstock, an odd tin nut & matching tin saddles (think pop can!), 22 medium jumbo frets, bound top & back, floating rosewood bridge, very thin metal tail piece & black pickguard.
The markings are as follows: Signature across the top of the headstock & MB (BM?) Signature of the truss rod cover & body & the inside label reads: Bissas Enterprise, Perclymi Tropical & MB Signature again. Cool looking dude with a beard on the tail piece.
I have never seen one of these before & i have had trouble getting any information about it — the only thing i found is an address for the name of the company on the label — Bissas Enterprise — located in India.
Overall this guitar is original & in excellent condition. The finish has very few small scratches & dings. There’s a crack on the top near the F hole (see pics).
Very rare, cool greenburst super light wight vintage guitar.”

The only correction I’d do is the words on the label inside the guitar. It actually reads Bose Enterprise Perclymi Tropical.”

I do agree that it looks like an Ovation guitar. Originally I thought it was an Ovation acoustic.


3 responses to “finders, keepers… nice acoustic, Bose Enterprise Perclymi Tropical

  1. saull wiliams 09/12/2015 at 09:09:11

    hi i have just got one the same ,do you know what they are worth?mine is in good condition

    • Frank Olvera (aka "The Christian Noob") 09/14/2015 at 08:09:27

      I doubt they are worth more than $100 brand new. I haven’t found any information about it on-line.

  2. Emanuel Bobes 01/09/2016 at 19:18:27

    OMG! [I] have [the] same guitar!! but, i don’t have any information about, it only says “BARAKAT MUSIC HOUSE” in the head say “signature”, in the bridge “mb signtarue” whit the picture of some musicman, look mi guitar here

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