The Christian Noob (n00b)

born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

as music saved my soul: growing up religiously naive

Growing up, I didn’t think about religion. I just knew that I was Catholic and I needed to pray every night before going to sleep as my maternal grandmother had taught me. I even thought that everyone on earth was Catholic . I was so stupidly naive. In any case, I liked various styles of music (mostly sub-genres of rock music). I didn’t think of what religion (if any) these rock stars were part of.

KISS circa 1973I knew both Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS are Jewish. I knew the guys in Stryper are Christian, but I knew they were Catholic so I couldn’t embrace them as “true” Christians (bullshit taught by the Catholic Church and emphasized by the Pope‘s so-called divinity). I also knew the members of Twisted Sister were either Christian or Jewish (what Dee Snider mentioned in an interview). At the same time, black metal was part of the metal underground scene and the genre was considered (sold as) satanic — for example, the British band Venom.

Nowadays I listen to bands like Korpiklaani (Finland), Arkona (Russia), Heidevolk (Holland) and numerous others whose members (are said to) practice some sort of Paganism. These bands range from folk to goth (good list of bands) to metal to Viking. As a matter of fact, I’d like to go to the Wacken Open Air Festival (Germany) and Paganfest (different parts of Europe, Canada and the US).

I guess it’s not important what religion anyone cares to practice, but it still intrigues me to know the faith (or lack of) the musicians I listen to. Perhaps it’s important to me after all, but it doesn’t remain as the main layer of importance. If I like the music, I’d listen to it.

By the way, nowadays I don’t care for the Catholic tradition and all the man-made rites, in which I was raised. I prefer to go to a Presbyterian church every Sunday. Does this make me Presbyterian? I’ve no idea and I don’t really care. As I mentioned, what I learned about religion as a child came from my grandmother, not my parents. Perhaps if it was up to my parents, I’d have chosen to become Pagan, agnostic or atheist .


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