The Christian Noob (n00b)

born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

the noob interview

Under The Thelián Sky: Beyond the Great Unknown (updated cover)If you were to interview me, what’d you ask me about?

  1. growing up Christian (folk Catholicism, heavily influenced by the devil’s craft); being a Christian; my less-than-humble opinion about the relation between the three Abrahamic religions; my deep interest in other faith systems; my personal conflict with Paganism, agnosticism as well as atheism;
  2. going back to the Church after straying for 13 years; opting for mainstream Protestanism instead of Catholicism; Bible study ; flawed theology;
  3. living with mental disorders kept in check with heavy medication every morning and evening; suicide attempts; under-age drinking;
  4. having a child with numerous medical conditions; hospital stays; fear of my child dying; ignorance in the medical community; inaction of the government and its influence by drug companies;
  5. advocating for the disabled; criticizing the antiquated/obsolete educational system in the state of NY; not being afraid of going to another court;
  6. being ordained; my failed ministry; not to mention my failed attempt to learn Esperanto or any other language;
  7. learning about guitars and other equipment; music (writing, earning a degree as an audio engineer; working in retail including purchasing, dealing with vendors, promotion and operations; tape editing; interning at a radio station, a record label and several recording studios in NYC); not being able to break into the industry after a decade or so (bassist in a rock band, recording studio, etc); how Napster destroyed the music industry;
  8. returning to computer science and interest in physics as well as other sciences; running a website about operating systems for more than a decade; advocating for open source; complete geekiness;
  9. being interested in wrestling; writing about various promotions in the US as well as abroad; being offered a job as a promoter;
  10. writing poetry and prose; my first bookUnder the Thelián Sky: Beyond the Great Unknown (ISBN 9781449735920).

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