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Daily Archives: 12/09/2012

end of times: T-12

twelve (12) days to the end of the world? at least, many concerts & wrestling in one’s life time…

  1. sometime between 1986 and 1988 — Los Ilegales (maybe the best punk band from Spain)
  2. 10/18/1995 — KMFDM at Roseland Ballroom
  3. 03/29/1996 — Sister Machine Gun at Coney Island High
  4. 05/22/1996 — Rob Halford (2wo) at Irving Plaza
  5. 09/06/1996 — The Cranberries at Jones Beach
  6. 10/23/1996 — Gravity Kills & Republica at Irving Plaza (list +1)
  7. 03/16/1997 — World Wrestling Federation (before name change) at MSG
  8. 06/13/1997 — Motörhead & W.A.S.P. with opening act Toilet Boys at Irving Plaza (my 26th birthday)
  9. 06/15/1997 — Ozzfest ’97 with Type O Negative, Marilyn Manson, Black Sabbath with Ozzy (reunion tour) & Ozzy Osbourne (solo) at Giants Stadium, NJ (my 26th birthday, part 2)
  10. 07/19/1997 — The Offspring at The Roxy
  11. 08/14/1997 — Megadeth with opening act The Misfits at The Hammerstein
  12. 11/24/1997 — KMFDM at Roseland Ballroom (again!)
  13. 02/06/1998 — Judas Priest with Tim “Ripper” Owens (before reunion with Rob Halford) at Roseland Ballroom
  14. 05/06/1998 — Rammstein at Roxy
  15. 09/01/1998 — Rob Zombie at Irving Plaza
  16. 10/28/1998 — Depeche Mode with opening act Stabbing Westward at MSG
  17. 12/04/1998 — Anthrax at Mercury Lounge (list +1)
  18. 04/24/1999 — Extreme Championship Wrestling (the original promotion, not the WWE brand) at Elks Lodge No. 878
  19. 12/15/1998 — Kid Rock & Placebo at Irving Plaza
  20. 07/17/1999 — Iron Maiden (reunion tour with Bruce Dickinson & Adrian Smith) at The Hammerstein (list +1)
  21. 06/15/2000 — Guided by Voices at Irving Plaza (walked out)
  22. 02/17/2000 — Lords of Acid & Praga Khan at Irving Plaza

* perhaps more that I can’t recall

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