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Daily Archives: 12/12/2012

end of times: T-9 & alignment of planets, chicken little, falling skies, blue christmas, anointed pagan, etc

Today’s 12/12/12, which sounds like numbers to play the lottery. In any case, according to the Mayan calendar theory/story of the end of times, life on earth merely has nine (9) more days to extinction (the mythical end of it all). One of these theories involves a galactic alignment of our solar system, which could generate enough gravity pull to rip the fabric of space-time like a recycled story in Doctor Who (though I do enjoy recycled themes in Doctor Who). Then again, the sky might really be falling proving me wrong.


Henny pennyMeanwhile in this reality away from these Chicken Little paranoia, tonight at church, we’d have a Blue Christmas service. Maybe having divided Christmas from Yuletide and commercialism has done me well and I don’t feel the same degree of anxiety, depression and self-hatred as previous years. Perhaps it’s the Pagan in me talking (typing) this, but it could really be the Christian in me. Of course, I might simply be a charlatan.


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