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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

tempted by the dark side

Supplice des Amauriciens, 1210The reference to Star Wars is merely for fun. Maybe I should’ve said, “tempted by Paganism (heathenism).”

Some people I know have asked me why I write about Paganism. It’s simple.

  1. I’m curious about other faith systems and I want to learn about them. Said the latter, if you practice any religion other than Christianity, let me talk to you (interview you, an excuse to pick your brain).
  2. I like the idea of being one with nature and all creation. Several aspects of Paganism support and/or encourage this Utopian ideology, incorporated into Christianity as Lectio Divina as well as other adopted practices and/or rites.

I even I included crude references to Paganism in my book calling it Oneism. Maybe all this makes me a heathen and/or heretic of sorts. I must admit I’m mix of

  1. Christianity as I believe in God although He seems to be much too often absent in this world;
  2. Paganism as explained above, perhaps a mix with Christianity;
  3. and even agnosticism (close to atheism, at times) as I continuously question my Christian beliefs, affected and influenced by my deep interest in (reading about) science and philosophy

which drives me crazy at times. All these conflicting ideas run through my head. Since I’ve got ADD, this means lots of hectic traffic in my head.


One response to “tempted by the dark side

  1. ngenghou1962 12/17/2012 at 21:08:32

    one with nature ?! this sounds a bit like Taoism!

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