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Daily Archives: 12/21/2012

publishing a book: Under the Thelian Sky: Beyond Where Lies & Half-Truths Abide

Under the Thelian Sky: Beyond Where Lies & Half-Truths AbideI couldn’t resist. Book two, Under the Thelian Sky: Beyond Where Lies & Half-Truths Abide, is now out!

“Years before the extinction of life in Mars (Sol 4), the Thelian society was perfect, yet corrupted. Life was easy, yet difficult if you were different. For every good person, like Ahila Keinj who found peace in The Faith, there were many willing to destroy it all for gain. All the while “they” controlled the fate of many while hiding in the shadows. Life was plagued with a social cancer that foresaw the extinction of life, yet did nothing to save it.”

It’s available on

  1. paperback (ISBN 978-1-300-55252-9)
  2. and eBook (ISBN 978-1-300-55257-4).

Buy the book, get the ePub, read it and review it.

publishing a book: Under the Thelian Sky: Beyond the Great Unknown, second edition

Under the Thelian Sky: Beyond the Great Unknown, second editionMy first attemp to sell my story fell short. I re-edited the book and re-released it through Lulu — available in print (10% off) and ePub, which will hopefully be picked up by iBooks.

The new edition sports a new cover. It turns out I don’t own the cover and other images in the first release. For the second edition, I made the cover myself using a public domain image of the planet Mars (Sol 4). I edited it showing what the planet would’ve looked like with vegetation and water given the understanding (theory) that Mars was once like Earth (with plenty of room for errors given the topology and other factors). See the license below provided by NASA and the European Space Agency for legal use of the image (thanks guys).

“This file is in the public domain because it was created by NASA and ESA. NASA Hubble material (and ESA Hubble material prior to 2009) is copyright-free and may be freely used as in the public domain without fee, on the condition that only NASA, STScI, and/or ESA is credited as the source of the material. This license does not apply if ESA material created after 2008 or source material from other organizations is in use.
The material was created for NASA by Space Telescope Science Institute under Contract NAS5-26555, or for ESA by the Hubble European Space Agency Information Centre. Copyright statement at or 2008 copyright statement at For material created by the European Space Agency on the site since 2009, use the {{ESA-Hubble}} tag.”

I’ll be releasing book two of the trilogy soon.

end of times: happy doomsday!

in the philosophical words of Swedish band Frantic Amber, “Happy Doomsday!”

welcome to the new age (whatever it really means from a religious and/or scientific point of view)!

end of times: T-0

Einstein sticking out tongueNothing happened!

When will mankind understand that we can’t foretell the date for Judgment Day?

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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

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