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publishing two books: story review

Under the Thelian Sky: Beyond the Great Unknown, second editionIn the Under the Thelian Sky series, mankind came from Mars (fourth planet in this solar system, hence referred to as Sol 4). Mars has proven to be an environment that, at some point, supported life.

This is where the first book of my story (Under the Thelian Sky: Beyond the Great Unknown) takes place. When Mars died as a habitable planet, mankind faces unavoidable death or must look for a new habitat, which they find in Earth (third planet in the solar system, hence referred to as Sol 3).

The second book starts years before the death of Mars (Sol 4) setting up the mentality and reason why mankind became so cynical to the point that the world government preferred everyone to die rather than accepting that their world was to die. In other words, it shows the social decay, corruption and arrogance of mankind to the point of mass homicide and suicide rather than accepting being wrong.

The second part of the story ends parallel to the first one, while making a reference to a secret society responsible for keeping the death of Mars quiet and manipulating history. Such society then controls governments, societies, economy and all other aspects of life and death (references to the New World Order and other secret societies, all these conspiracy theories) on Earth (Sol 3). This is where part two ends.

Under the Thelian Sky: Beyond Where Lies & Half-Truths AbideThe following is the brief description of the second book (Under the Thelian Sky: Beyond Where Lies & Half-Truths Abide) below that I provided the publisher.

Years before the extinction of life in Mars, the Thelian society was perfect, yet corrupted. Life was easy, yet difficult if you were different. For every good person, like Ahila Keinj who found peace in The Faith, there were many willing to destroy it all for gain. All the while “they” controlled the fate of many while hiding in the shadows. Life was plagued with a social cancer that foresaw the extinction of life, yet did nothing to save it.

Part three (Under the Thelian Sky: Beyond the Shadows) picks up where part two ends. In it, this secret society — extending for several millennia, thanks to time-travel (another theory) — shows how they’ve manipulated history with men like Hitler and those responsible for modern terrorism. In other words, this secret society used wars and disease to control mankind. If curious, the third book’s one-third to half done.

In all, the story’s a criticism of society and how religion’s both affected mankind negatively as well as saved it (depending, of course, of the situation).

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