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Daily Archives: 12/30/2012

return of the #ididnotreport hashtag: death penalty in New Delhi rape

Maybe it’s too late for the #ididnotreport (I did not report) hashtag for one victim in India. In the past two or three weeks, the BBC and other news agencies mostly outside the US have been following the story of a student in New Delhi who was brutally gang-raped for close to or over an hour, beaten with a crowbar or other metal object and thrown out of a moving vehicle on 12/16/2012. She suffered brain damage, cardiac arrest and failure of other organs, went through a battery of operations to save her life, but finally died “peacefully” two days ago. This act of brutality’s triggered protests in New Delhi and authorities have asked and are considering death penalty for these monsters (six so far). This is one of those crimes that simply begs for lynching — an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, an hour-long sexual mutilation and murder for the same. How would these bastards like to be penetrated (anally, in lieu of having no vagina) and hence mutilated with a stick or other hard object (instead of penal penetration) for an hour or longer before being killed? Those who see rape-for-rape followed by much-deserved death by blows to the head and body (prolonged suffering leading to death) as a CRUEL PUNISHMENT for this filth of mankind need NOT bother to respond.

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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning


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