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return of the #ididnotreport hashtag: when Dawkins makes sense

from Richard Dawkins criticizing the rapes in India…

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (Official)
God DurgaA very scary statistic in a nation of a billion: rapes have increased 25% from 2006 to 2011 in India. Of 600 New Delhi rape reports in 2012, only one resulted in conviction. ONE. As a former prosecutor, I find this shocking on December 31. One protesting woman evokes an analogy to women standing up like the god Durga (pictured here) slaying a demon, but the story headline (linked below) doesn’t en…compass enough. This must not be a cause of women only, and not of one country, and not of vengeance – but of reason. How can a civil society, with global participation, especially by men, make these horrors less frequent? Everyone should help as citizens of the world. — Sean Faircloth, Dir. of Strategy & Policy. Read more here:

my first comment…

“I guess we have to click “like” to support survivors of despicable acts by the filth of humanity. In other words, we DISLIKE these acts.”

my comment on gun control that someone brought up…

“By the way, guns can stop rapists.

Keep guns in the hands of good civilians.”

my response after some might have misinterpreted my support to Dawkins…

“I think some have misinterpreted my words.
1. I like that Dawkins has something to say. I’d like to see other famous people condemn the rapes in India. I’m glad he supports victims and criticizes the mentality of those who turn the blind eye on rape and other atrocities in India.
2. Facebook doesn’t have a “DISLIKE” button to show support in this case. Most of us have to click “LIKE” to show support, but we all feel disgusted at rape.”


One response to “return of the #ididnotreport hashtag: when Dawkins makes sense

  1. ngenghou1962 12/31/2012 at 12:54:59

    With weak law enforcement, the situation can only get worst because of the very unbalanced sex ratio with guys greatly outnumber the girls, so you can imagine there will be a lot of sexually-deprived guys out there prowling around like wolves !

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