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sins of the father, part 4

It still bothers me that my new sister doesn’t have my surname. Our father’s name should’ve on the birth certificate — not the name of some other man who adopted her, whom she thought of as her father. That was really fucked up!

I don’t know if she’ll ever consider changing her surname. Then again, what’s it worth doing so or not? Would anyone else really care?

One response to “sins of the father, part 4

  1. 01/04/2013 at 12:35:31

    My grandma had more than one husband, my father was forced to change his real surname, as a result, me and my brother have to take on that changed surname. Actually, I quite mind not having my real surname (family name), but if I want to change it to my real surname, will cause a lot of administrative issues, one of which have to report to the various government department, have to let the bank knows, etc……, lots of things. For this reason, I don’t have fond memories of my grandma !

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