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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

what if this? what if that? once again, nothing new

Medications don’t change the psyche. They merely keep brain chemistry in check.

I’m a sham, some corrupt bastard, nothing and nobody. I’ve been called a bad person many times and I do believe it. Nonetheless I go to church every Sunday, stand at the 16-channel Mackie and try to make sense of what’s going on (especially the sermon) while my mind wonders. Of course, all the sermons and hymns don’t make a better person. Furthermore, the plans and dreams I had growing up died as soon as I started college. Although I do many things I like, they’re all empty and/or meaningless in the end. What else is new? Well, at least, there’s light snow falling on NYC as mere angel powder, but that crap doesn’t change who and what I am.

Authors are always told to write what they know about. Hence it’s no surprise that the characters in my stories are damaged as I.

  1. Berss Jdevi — (m) industrialist turned journalist, killed for trying to expose a government cover-up
  2. Dabbra Aedptman — (f) leader of the revolutionary group; former gun for hire and drug user (the hero of the first book)
  3. Khier Yrgh — (f) undead, ghoul, scavenger
  4. Mayhaj Jhols — (f) undead, vampire, hunter
  5. Ojkat Udfta II — (m) undead by infection; minister at the Church of the Undead; son of church elder Ojkat Udfta

At least, I can say that I’m not evil (sociopath).

“Sociopaths, who have no empathy or conscience, can entirely avoid any messy, painful deliberations on how to balance their own interests and happiness with the interests and happiness of others. How lucky for them. Conscience prevents people from engaging their creativity in the ways that sociopaths can — to fully explore and test the limits of self-interested pursuits and conduct. How liberating it must be to be a sociopath, free from the strictures of conscience.”

Of course, I might simply be too smart for my own good.


One response to “what if this? what if that? once again, nothing new

  1. 01/22/2013 at 10:12:45

    when you live up to a certain age, you will realize that there is nothing new under the sun!

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