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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is the Holocaust Remembrance Day according to the Jewish calendar. It’s a sickening reminder of what the hatred of a few can do to the rest of the world.

There’s always a reason behind every crime, but the problem is to understand the reason for this specific crime — the mass-extermination of Jews, gypsies, mentally ill and other undesirables during WWII. Many people prefer not to understand as they see reasoning as an act of endorsement. The risk with this attitude is not learning to identify present and future repetitions of the same twisted mentality that excused the slaughter of millions of men, women and children.

Ever since, mankind’s already failed to identify and stop past repetitions. For example, the end of Yugoslavia (Yugoslav Wars 1991-95) brought the term ethnic cleansing (necessity to rid oneself of polluting agents as other races, faiths, etc). Nowadays several groups (race, religion, sexuality, etc) are still methodically slaughtered by new incarnations of Hitler. Maybe mankind craves for the destruction of others (Lévinas) either slaughtering or ignoring the slaughter.

What amazes me most is how religion justifies murder? During WW II defenseless men, women and children were killed for being born Jew. It surely makes the concept of God and religion questionable. At least, today’s victims might be better able to fend themselves, yet still be on cross-hairs for executions sanctioned by religious beliefs.

It’s no surprise that Richard Dawkins calls for a secular world (not atheist). Religion shouldn’t mean killing those seen as different. Religion should be the reason for mankind to meet God — a means of love, not hate. As such, if God’s an excuse for hatred and murder, religion shouldn’t exist.


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