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born & raised Catholic, now going to a Presbyterian church & still learning

psychotic for Lenten, day 3 & drugs

ashes to ashes, dust to dustMedications don’t fix, cover or stop the psychosis or its intertwining need and desire to destroy and harm others. Drugs (medicines) keep in check long enough for a split-second halt and consider the consequences.

Just like gutter-sleeping junkie, I want more drugs — more bad medicine, stronger effects, enough to keep me from hurting myself and the very few I hold dearly to my arrhythmic heart (non-malign defective valve in the left ventricle, so much drama for a piece of flapping skin that stops blood rich in carbon dioxide (CO2) contaminating blood rich in oxygen (O2) that looks like a snippet of labia minora (not to be confused with the majora).

Thinking of this past Wednesday, I felt at ease in the chapel (though no peace, spiritual or any other for that matter, especially not drug-induced). Maybe I need the solitude and stay the hell out of others, as well as forcing others to be as far away from me.

3 responses to “psychotic for Lenten, day 3 & drugs

  1. zanspence 02/15/2013 at 10:00:18

    Hey Frank, can you contact me via my contact page:
    If you feel comfortable I wanted to talk to you a bit. What you are going through is part of my testimony which I will post soon. I don’t have any ulterior motives but just to share my testimony and for prayer with you: “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony” -Rev 12:11, NIV 1984

  2. 02/15/2013 at 12:36:49

    Sounds like becoming a drug addict!

    • Frank Olvera (aka "The Christian Noob") 02/15/2013 at 20:56:13

      That’s what I’m afraid of. I want to be repaired (kept in check) not growing tolerance searching for something stronger/worse.

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